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So far 2019 is proving to be a bumper year for Bada Bean. Following our successful partnership with Amazon, we are looking to continually improve with the launch of our all new referral scheme for our supporters. Now, our customers, or advocates, can receive cash rewards by referring Bada Bean to friends and family.

Wondering how it works? It is remarkably straight forward. We have implemented a system that puts the convenience of the customer first. Simply head over to our Refer & Earn page and get your link now. Once you have downloaded a personalised referral link, start sharing, and whoever you share your link with can receive a 20% discount. Not only this, but you will receive $10 in cash for introducing each new customer to Bada Bean!

Coffee Referral Scheme

But, how do you share your link? You are limited solely by your imagination. For instance, you could share it with friends directly. Have that one friend in your life who is a known coffee lover? Spread the word of Bada Bean to them and claim your $10 now.

Alternatively, you could share your referral link on social media, either in a post or on your profile. Sharing it this way would not only maximise the publicity, bringing more people to Bada Bean but sharing your link on social media would also mean you could spread the link without contacting people directly (if you prefer a less direct approach).

Coffee Referral Scheme

If you are wondering how to word your referral, just bear this in mind: Does it sound like you are trying to sell a product to a customer, or recommending a brand of coffee to a friend? If it is the former, it may need some slight adjusting. If you are dropping it in conversation, make sure it is relevant. Also, make sure that it doesn’t sound too much like spam. You still want to be their friend after all.
Good luck with your referrals!