Bada Bean's Amazon Launch

Amazon Coffee Beans

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As part of Bada Bean’s continuing efforts to make our coffee as accessible as possible to customers, we have launched a partnership with global commerce giant Amazon. Bada Bean strives to produce the highest quality coffee whilst making the purchasing process customer-friendly. Now, as well as coming to Bada Bean directly, our customers can use Amazon for all future purchases.

Amazon Coffee Beans

But why Amazon? Not only does Amazon provide a platform unparalleled by any other online marketplace, but they follow an ethical philosophy that echoes that of Bada Bean. Just like Bada Bean, Amazon’s mission statement puts the customer at the forefront. Amazon has the best interests of the customer at heart, and founder Jeff Bezos has mentioned how the mission statement dictates many of his decisions.

It is also essential for Bada Bean to work with reputable partners, and Amazon fit this bill. In 2018, Amazon was placed first in corporate reputation by the 2018 Harris Poll Reputation Quotient Rankings. Not only this, but there are over a staggering 130 million visits to Amazon each month, reinforcing the scale of Amazon’s appeal. At Bada Bean, we are excited to be a part of this.

In the short time that this partnership has existed, including a 48-hour period that saw Bada Bean ship a ton of coffee (yes, literally a ton), all expectations have been surpassed. Customers have been quick to voice their satisfaction with the service. One five-star review reads: ‘Amazing service and really good communication. Went above and beyond to help.’ Another reads: ‘I have been trying different beans of coffee from last 15 years and I can say this one comes in my top 5… the texture of the extract and aroma is excellent and leaves you with a great aftertaste. Must try if you are a coffee lover.’

This is the latest development in what is shaping up to be a big year for Bada Bean.

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