What Is Cold Drip Coffee

What Is Cold Drip Coffee

What Is Cold Drip Coffee

One of the many features of coffee that keeps bringing people back to its incredible flavour is its versatility. Coffee can be enjoyed in so many ways that it can often be difficult to decide what the best way is to enjoy it. From cappuccinos to espressos, there is a style of coffee to suit all moods.

Cold Brew Coffee

One consistently popular style is the cold coffee. This is generally associated with iced coffees such as the Starbucks Frappuccino, but there is a diverse range of brewing methods for creating the perfect cold coffee. As these are often unheard of, the art of brewing the perfect cold coffee is regularly undervalued. Thankfully, coffee enthusiasts are more aware now than ever before about the intricacies of coffee brewing and how the perfect coffee is made. This extends to cold brew coffee, and with summer upon us it is important you know how to keep hydrated with the perfect cold brew coffee.

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With cold brew coffee in mind, let’s consider a few brewing methods.

Cold Drip Coffee

One of the most common brewing methods for cold coffee is the Cold Drip Coffee. As with all methods, time must be put aside in order to do the cold coffee and the method for brewing it justice. If you want the full flavour, you should be preparing your cold coffee a few hours in advance.

So, what is cold drip coffee? Cold drip coffee is a method whereby a flask of iced water is placed above a chamber containing ground coffee. Iced water drips onto the grounds – usually through a tap at the bottom of the flask. A container is then placed underneath the chamber to catch the liquid as it drops.

Cold Press Coffee

Another style of cold coffee is the Cold Press Coffee. Although not as common as the Cold Drip Coffee, the Cold Press Coffee has achieved cult status among cold coffee enthusiasts for its refreshing taste. To brew a Cold Press Coffee, add cold water to a plunger already containing your ground coffee. In order to ensure that the grounds are adequately wetted, make sure to sit the plunger to water level. After allowing the brew to steep (this can take anything between 12-24 hours), press the plunger until you can see the liquid above the filter plate and begin to pour.