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Afterpay Coffee Beans Online

How do I use AfterPay?

Afterpay coffee beans online; can be used to purchase individual products or numerous products, it's super easy.

  1. Once you reach the "payment method" page within our checkout process select Afterpay as your chosen payment method 
  2. You will then be redirected to Afterpay to complete your purchase Setting up an account takes only a few minutes (approval is subject to Afterpay's discretion - please contact them here if your payment is declined)
  3. Add your Visa or Mastercard details and you're done!
  4. You'll have access to see how much you've paid and what dates your next payment will be deducted at any time via your Afterpay account dashboard. Please note: First-time AfterPay customers, your first payment will be deducted straight away. For existing customers, your first payment will be in 14 days. 
  5. Your order will be dispatched as per our usual timeframes and 4 equal payments will be deducted from your chosen credit or debit card (no interest, and no additional fees!)

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